Unsexsored Iran: The body beyond the censorship

Mostra fotografie realizzate dal 2006 al 2012 tratte da diversi progetti, a cui l’artista ha lavorato in Iran, senza riuscire nell’intento di esporle.

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"DRESS" with Zehra Doğan

The artist wearing the dress is standing in the middle of the gallery, tied up by her hands and hair. Visitors are invited to cut out a piece of the skirt and take it with them.

Zehra Doğan, DRESS, September 22, 2020, video color, sound, 9’50” – Prometeo Gallery, Milan

breath (Museum of Grenoble)

The original version of ”Breath” is a 24-minute video project presented at the Museum of Grenoble during the ”XVI É Nocturne des Étudients”, an interuniversity cultural festival in March 2019.

Eurydice's Labyrinth

Eurydice’s Labyrinth è il titolo della serie fotografica di Ayoub Naseri, fotografo iraniano operante a Roma, rcalizz-atanel20O7 nella Karaftoo Cave, in Kurdistan.